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Web Design Services

Custom Web Design

We at Alter Ego Communications, a web designing and web development company in Chennai, believe that creating an online presence provides a platform for your products and or services, while also allowing you to portray your uniqueness and creativity through engaging web designs. Custom Web Design for your business delivers a healthy competition to your rivals. As the best custom web designing company, our highly creative and experienced professionals create unique and engaging web designs that not only helps in building a brand image but also helps in generating traffic to your website. Alter Ego Communications, one of the leading custom web designing as well as web development companies in Chennai, provides extraordinary custom web designing services that also improve your organic ranking in varied aspects.

Static Web Design

Opt for static web design if you wish to present your ideas, concepts, or content regarding your brand and or products/services in a standardized way. Alter Ego Communication is the top static web designing company in Chennai, who design exclusive web designs that perfectly complement your business philosophy and is easily accessible to the users.

Dynamic Web Design

At Alter Ego Communication, the hub of dynamic web design in Chennai provides you easy ways of updating information on your website without any complications. Our web designing experts perfectly blend creativity and technology to make your website easily accessible while also making sure it is the best way to sell products online. We, as a dynamic web designing company, are aware that dynamic web designs help in storing more information and hence, our dynamic web designing professionals, not only make it tech-savvy but also make sure it is attractive and professional.

Corporate Web Design

Our uniqueness as a corporate web designing and web development company in Chennai lies in producing highly effective and efficient corporate web designs that surpass your expectations, while also producing efficacious results. As a distinguished web designing company, we are skilled to deliver exceptional corporate web designing services to our discerning clients that fits all the corporate standards.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress being the highly established content management system plays a vital role in creating impressive and effective web designs. We are the leading WordPress web designing company in Chennai, that offer WordPress CMS services that assist in designing your website in the most potent way. With over two decades of experience in web designing and web development, we have designed copious websites for our clients from diverse industries, which makes us good at using extensive features most beneficially. At Alter Ego Communications, a WordPress web designing company, we ensure easy access to your website, whenever there is a need to update it.

Responsive Web Design

Alter Ego Communications, is one of the topmost Responsive web design companies in Chennai, that designs world-class websites that are created to perform well on any platform and in every device. We understand that the technology is rapidly evolving and so, we design our websites in a way that it can be used by multiple devices. We believe that businesses that have responsive websites have an edge over their competition. Our creative web designers and web developers are brilliantly skilled to create a single web design that fits into all the devices and their experience in the field of web designing, they provide web designing services that are business and industry-specific, thus, fulfilling the criteria of responsiveness at its best.

Website Redesigning

We are one of the most reputed website redesigning companies in Chennai, are aware of the tediousness that prevails while redesigning a website since this type of designing work demands a large amount of concentration and dedication. At Alter Ego Communications, a website redesigning as well as a web development company, we believe in re-creating the entire website from scratch rather it being a website redesigning service. Our talented group of professionals are skilled to transform your current website into a tech-savvy and user-friendly website that is not only appealing to the eyes but is also easily accessible, using advanced technology and approach in the website redesign.

One-Page Web Designs

Backed with more than 10 years of experience, Alter Ego has established itself in creating comprehensive and yet clutterless one page web designs. Instead of having multiple links that land in different pages, one page website will be a one stop for the user to know more about you. This can help you gain and retain a lot of website visitors.Our bunch of professional tech geeks deliver the best one page web designs that not only attracts visitors but also gives all the necessary information about your brand. One page web design creates a good flow for the reader thereby increasing the chance of revisiting your website.

Flash Web Designs

Flash website design is a simple and effective tool that increases the attraction quotient of any website. Web pages, designed with Flash, instantly catches eyeballs with stunning visual elements and eye-catchy flow. It makes your site look more real and lively. There is no doubt that websites that use Flash Designs gain a lot of visitors. The flash web designs are filled with lots of visual and digital elements that brings in a lot of attractiveness than the usual boring long paragraphs. We at Alter Ego can create beautiful Flash web designs for your brand that stands out of the other websites.

Web Development

In today’s world, your e-commerce website is as important as the brick-and-mortar store. Online business is here to stay! Designing e-commerce portals entails attractive product display, efficient and safe shopping cart software, providing ease of navigation, and more. At Alter ego, our team strives to provide you with an e-commerce website presence that is aesthetic yet functional - one that provides your customers a seamless and pleasant shopping experience.

Web Development Services

PHP Web Development

Alter Ego Communications is a web development company in Chennai, that takes pride in being one of the most reliable web development companies in PHP web development. Our experienced PHP web development team comprises of people that possess expertise and knowledge to develop a comprehensive and efficient website that blends well with the brand’s philosophy and requirements. We at Alter Ego Communications, one of the leading PHP web development companies, believe that there should be ample of communication between the client and our PHP web development experts. Thus, we aim to have an open line of communication that helps in smooth functioning of the PHP scripts that are generated. At Alter Ego Communications, we create Php websites that are easy to use, have smooth functioning, and are aesthetically pleasing.

AngularJS Web Development

We at Alter Ego Communications, are AngularJS web development company in Chennai that use finest of tools and technology to make your website user-friendly, highly functional, and unique. AngularJS web development is a dynamic and flexible structured JavaScript framework that improves feature of HTML. Our AngularJS web development team provides the most reliable web solutions that helps in improving the brand’s presence online and leave a positive impact on the potential leads. As a web development company in Chennai, we offer high-end AngularJS web development solutions with easy-to-use features and seamless performance.

Drupal Web Development

At Alter Ego Communications, we take pride in being the finest Drupal web development company in Chennai. Drupal web development is an open source content management system that is flexible and versatile. Our Drupal web development team provide finenst of Drupal web designs that are SEO friendly, customizable, user-friendly, and provide highly secure administrative control. At Alter Ego Communications, we have a group of highly professional team that are experts in Drupal web development that blends the requirements of the clients with technology.

Laravel Web Development

At Alter Ego Communications, we as a web development company in Chennai, provide the finest Laravel Web Development solutions in Chennai. Laravel web development is the latest cutting-edge framework that includes everything from corporate to e-commerce websites for businesses of all sectors. Our young and experienced team of Laravel web developers that are constantly upgrading themselves with the latest technologies and techniques. As a Laravel web development company, we are maestros in developing custom websites and web applications that are reliable, user-friendly, and easy to maintain. We at Alter Ego Communications, as Laravel web development company in Chennai, aim to help our clients turn potential clients to leads and improve their overall online presence.


As one of the foremost web designing and web development companies in Chennai, we bring a fusion of creativity and technology into our web designs while making sure that it is easily accessible. Having more than two decades of experience as a web designing company, we have come across diverse sectors of industries and catered to them with exemplary web designs that perfectly blend with their requirements as well as their industry.

Wide Range of Services

Alter Ego Communication, being the top web designing as well as web development company in Chennai, offers a variety of web designing services that play a vital role in not only creating an online presence but also generating a high range of traffic to your website.


Alter Ego Communications is a leading web designing company in Chennai, that respects and incorporates your brand values and requirements into a simple yet impressionable website that can be easily used by users. We are a reliable web designing company that offers our clients with high-quality web designing services that are abreast with the industry requirements.


With over 20 years of experience and exposure as a web designing and a web development company in Chennai, it helps us to cater you with highly exceptional web designs that will boost your business and assist to acquire a large number of potential clients. We take pride in our capability to transform your vision and brand philosophy into our web designs that will, in turn, generate umpteen traffic to your website.

Creative Experts

At Alter Ego Communication, our group of young, energized, and highly experienced web designers and web developers are up to date with the latest trends and technology in the field of web designing. Our professional web designers adopt the latest technology and trends, into their web designs to make our discerning clients leave a strong and positive online impression.

Value for Money

We aim and believe to add value to every single penny you give us. We focus to give you nothing but the best and help to bring out the voice of your brand backed by professionalism and experience. Handling more than 20 clients every month, we have worked relentlessly to cater to the needs of our clients.

Communication Strategy

Communication is the key for any brand to sustain.We create strategies that suits your brand and that are as unique as your fingerprints. The strategies that we create are well thought and designed to fit perfectly with the values and objectives of your brand.

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