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End to end Content Management System for City Union Bank

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Reported 70% increase in efficiencyof Staff in updating bank information, through easy creation of menus, sub menus and web pages.

210% increase in web traffic over 6 months thanks to an updated UI

Developed using the latest Codeigniter powered CMS platform, leveraging RHEL Linux environment with PHP. MySQL was deployed for data storage due to the high sensitivity of data. The bank's service suite and corporate information was presented with seamless CMS functionality.

City union bank (CUB) information portal was designed to present info on its vast range of services in an integrated platform. Developing the bank's website included presenting the bank's service suite, corporate information and an engaging UI by blending top notch aesthetics, seamless functionality and robust security. It was a project that demanded agility, scalability and suave UI. Security of the site was accorded the top most priority and BURPSUITE was deployed to assess the same. We developed a Codeigniter powered CMS platform leveraging RHEL Linux environment using PHP technology. MySQL was deployed for data storage due to the high sensitivity attached to all the data.

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